Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance

I recently learned that I have more viewers than I initially thought, through an interesting series of circumstances that I found to be very stressful and simultaneously very interesting. I am glad that this has served as a platform to get to know others better even in its' infancy, and hence I plan to continue writing to further dialogue. To the readers that have recently made themselves known to me: I hope you continue to read, and please feel free to comment or contact me directly with additional questions, concerns, or comments, if you desire.

However, posting clarifications to the things I say would not be necessary if I was communicating what I meant clearly in the first place. To this end, I believe two things are necessary.

Firstly, you the reader must understand the purpose of this blog. I do not write in this format to reiterate my views on everything in life. I possess neither the drive nor the time to proofread everything I post to verify that I am portraying my own views accurately. The reason for this is that I believe in the constant formation of views, hence the title of this blog, "Cognitive Dissonance," meaning a revelation that makes one rethink their own views, their own way of doing things. To that end, I do not tend to write structured arguments for why certain things must be true, I tend to write deconstructions of viewpoints, and questions I have about generally accepted norms. In other words, my writing tends to be controversial because I believe that that is a way of seeking truth. Despite this, I do try to offer a more positive alternative whenever I discuss something, even if it's a mere guess. Someone who is constantly critical and never hopeful is not very helpful indeed.

In other words, if you desire to know my views or who I am, you will not find it here, for the most part. You will find it in discussing things with me personally. I do, however, write from the heart. I write with passion because it is the only way I know how. I write honestly because I am unable to pretend I am someone other than who I am. To that extent, you will find me here, but only a small part of the picture. Keep that in mind if you do not know me extremely well.

Secondly, I will try to be more clear when I address sensitive topics like sexuality or widely and zealously held beliefs. The reason for this is so people that read do not come to any conclusions that can only be described as poorly thought out through reading and blindly accepting what I write. I never desire for this to happen, and hence I will be as clear as I can and attempt to avoid portraying views that could damage others on a personal level by their agreement. Simply put, I did not come to the place I am without considerable effort, pain, thought, loss, and trial. For another person to read what I write and believe how I do because I make a convincing argument is simply not wise. I desire disagreement, because when people disagree I know they're thinking. I have stronger faith and hope than I ever have precisely because of my disagreements with others, and I write to give that gift that has literally saved me from turning my back on some very precious things in my life, including God, in a way.

Anyway. I hope this clarification on what my blog's purpose is helps resolve any confusion and can lead to a pleasant experience in continuing to interact using online media. Thanks for reading!

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