Friday, January 21, 2011


If knowledge of truth is power, then power leads to isolation. Humanity seeks power, but to those with true power, they hide it because it has made them a monster. Monsters don't live happily ever after, they know too much. They have too much power to live as a human. Their power often goes unused except in the direst of circumstances, and so that is where they end up. Everything around them is destroyed, they end up standing alone, people either having gone on to live life as they will or broken before them, oftentimes without even knowing how it happened.

Truth never set a single person free in the way they want it, and yet they are indeed more free than those who do not seek it. To be free is to be alone. To know, to understand, to see clearly. From the day I met you, I knew you conveyed to me something. It is perhaps a curse, to critically think, to analyze, to destroy the foundations of everything because so many people claim truth and so few people understand it.

How could someone possible live with such a monster? How could happiness ever be found in his company? What point could there possibly be to relationships when one has risen above the lowly fear that pervades everything. To fear nothing is to gain power, and you can only let go of your fear with knowledge.

To know the truth, to understand reality, to seek and find knowledge, it is perhaps to see the darkness spreading more clearly than anyone could possibly imagine. It is everywhere, and it is has become so difficult to see the light at all. Pinpricks, anomalies, punctures through the darkness that are then quickly overwhelmed.

Where is the redemption I've spoken of so often? I see only death. I see only brokenness and people pulling wool over their eyes. I see only rejection for those that are monsters, perhaps because they've awakened to what they truly are, and they cannot hide, they cannot pretend. Because they're proud of what they are, no matter the cost.

It does cost you to be a true seeker of knowledge. More than you can imagine. But where you lose your hope, your naive notions of love and your ideals, you gain confidence, perspective, and poise.

The choice is yours'.