Friday, November 12, 2010

Some people just want to watch the world burn

The Enlightenment has its' roots deep within us. So deep, in fact, that when people step up to be "nontraditional," they are still on the same playing field. They still create these structures bent on finally answering the questions that burn within us.

What is our purpose?

Why are we alive?

Why do we exist?

We think making a movement, an institution, a religion around something we've discovered will lead us to hope, will lead us to answers, and will force the world to be how we want it to be.

What we overlook is that it's just another expression of power. Expressions of power tend to backfire, and create things we never intended.

An institution built on love and acceptance that is so good at rejecting people that don't fall in line and conform.

A philosophy built on seeking the truth that constructs its' truth and orders others to seek it.

A nonconformist movement that becomes so hip, so cool for people to follow, that you are ostracized if you do not conform.

People that want so badly to be accepted that they do whatever it takes to do so, and end up alone.

Radicals that make everything worse, and become the foundation for more oppression, more intellectual stagnation, and more people following fads and rejecting each other.

Whenever we find something good, we destroy it. We make it into a system that destroys it, we make it a fad, a construction that others must conform to, because we have to prove we exist.

The world has become an alien place, a place where people can't relate to each other. We say we'll do something for another and then avoid them. We become so socially anxious that we do stupid things just to get away, just to relieve the pressure. We go to institutions because we're dying to be accepted, to feel that connection, to feel better about this thing we call life, and we are met with more requirements, more standards, more things we must do, more images of what we must be to gain the thing we're looking for.

Eventually, some just stop caring. They don't care about anything anymore, not even their own survival. They simply do what feels right and don't consider anyone else, because it's easy. Because it's better than what they did have. I'd say they're pretty correct.

Too bad it solves nothing.

You end up just as empty, just as broken, just as alone.

Destruction without creation following it is not beneficial, but to destroy systems to create a new system is pointless. We will have simply traded one set of specifics for another, created a new cage for our hearts and minds to rot in.

Philosophy does not free us. Theology does not free us, religion does not free us, politics do not free us. Social groups do not help, and neither do rituals that used to have meaning that have been repeated so many times that no one cares anymore. We are trapped within our own walls, our own limitations.

Someone will probably take this post and make it into another limitation, another system, another fad.

Brokenness and apathy don't help. We are free, but we quickly find that we are only free to die. There is no purpose, there is no life, there is no joy or happiness or anger or frustration or sadness or anything else. There is no thought, no value, no reason to live, so we might as well die. We might as well set the world ablaze and watch it burn up and take us with it.

Freedom is not its' own reason. Freedom must be responsibly used. We must recognize our own power, our own ability to choose. We must understand reality, seek truth, and realize who we are.

We must be true to how things really are.

It is the business of very few to do this, and that is because they will do it without forming another system and without falling into despair.

The beauty of it is, no one will care. Because the world is sick, and we've constructed our way into rejecting honesty, into fabricating everything for our own protection from the hostile void beyond.

Some people learn to live in that void, and they make it their home. Nothingness as the essence of reality, the true freedom, the ability to become actualized, to understand how things are and who oneself is.

It's rare. It doesn't happen often. You will be hard pressed to meet someone like this, because society doesn't encourage it. Life is hostile toward humanity, and culture has become a tiresome burden. Expectations have become so grossly overstated that the construction of reality is obvious. Our systems are so high level that one need simply ask "why?" and it falls apart most of the time.

It's worth it to seek though.